So That Future Generations May Have Trails to Explore

August 03, 2021
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


So That Future Generations May Have Trails to Explore
Sue Barbuto hike. Photo by Sue Barbuto


Board member Sue Barbuto, right, became a Trail Angel “to ensure that future generations have the same great trail experiences that I have had.”

The Trail Conference is fortunate to have dedicated benefactors supporting its mission, including many who have chosen to secure its future through planned gifts. To express our appreciation for this committed group of donors who have remembered the Trail Conference in their estate plan, we established the Trail Angel Society. Members of this special group share the common bond of generosity and vision to ensure that the trails and natural areas we share are sustainable and accessible for all to enjoy for generations to come.

Trail Conference Life Member, current Board member, and environmental activist Sue Barbuto reflects on why she has chosen to become a Trail Angel:

“My parents raised us to believe in contributing, in many ways, to our communities and the institutions that benefit us all. They believed that the generations before us invested and planned for what we use and enjoy today—be that libraries, hospitals, or parks.

The Trail Conference represents that kind of ‘institution’ and ‘infrastructure’ to me. More than 100 years ago, foresighted hikers and nature lovers started to preserve and maintain land and trails so that I and others could enjoy their dream of access to the outdoors today. We are certainly at a crossroads— pun intended—in our area when support for trails and everyone’s access to them has been heightened, thanks to the pandemic.

Becoming a Trail Angel is my effort to continue long-term financial support to an organization that has been preserving and maintaining the beautiful nature and local trails that I have enjoyed and hiked over many years. My commitment will ensure that future generations have the same great trail experiences that I have had throughout my lifetime.”

We invite you to join Sue and others who share your passion for nature by becoming a member of the Trail Angel Society. Simply submit the non-binding form.

A Renewed Bequest Challenge

Over the last two years, Robert C. Ross has inspired our trail family to ensure the longevity and financial stability of the Trail Conference by becoming Trail Angels. Believing in the importance and power of “paying it forward,” Robert has recommitted to our Bequest Challenge and will contribute $500 of “new” funds to the Trail Conference when someone indicates that he or she has made a bequest or a provision in their estate plan that benefits the Trail Conference.

Your bequest intention form is non-binding; people can change their minds as their circumstances change. The form is to show that you are making plans now, but you have every right to change them later.

If you’ve included the Trail Conference in your estate plan or plan to do so, use this form to let us know Even if you’ve told us previously, we can benefit now from our generous donor. Just fill out the form and take advantage of this exciting Bequest Challenge.