Closures in Hudson Highlands State Park Due to Fjord Trail Construction

December 15, 2022

The Fjord Trail is a new linear park in the Hudson Highlands, spanning 7.5 walkable, bikeable miles between New York's Village of Cold Spring and City of Beacon. Construction of Phase 1 of the Fjord Trail is set to begin in late 2022 and may affect access to the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead or Wilkinson Memorial Trailhead. Additionally, access to the Breakneck Ridge train stop via Metro North will be restricted during the course of this project. See below for more information on Phase 1 of the project or visit the Fjord Trail website to view the timeline for completion.

Please note that the timeline for this project is subject to change. For the most up to date information please visit the Fjord Trail Construction Timeline or subscribe to their newsletter.

From the website:

"Breakneck Connector and Bridge

Construction work on Phase 1 of the Fjord Trail, the Breakneck Connector and Bridge, is scheduled to begin in late 2022. Planned enhancements will significantly improve the current parking situation, implementing new restrictions that will create a safer environment for trail users and motorists on Route 9D. In order to break ground on these important elements, the Breakneck train station and trailhead will need to temporarily close during construction.

Based on the urgent need to resolve existing parking, safety, and erosion concerns, the .7-mile Breakneck Connector and Bridge trail segment has been prioritized as one of the most critical sections within the Fjord Trail project. It will be the first major segment to be completed.

The Breakneck Connector segment will include:

  • improved and expanded parking areas to better accommodate visitation and access for first responders in case of emergency
  • an off-road, partially elevated pathway that connects hikers to the Metro-North station platform and keeps hikers arriving by car off the highway
  • the Breakneck Bridge, connecting the trail over the Metro-North Railroad tracks at Breakneck Ridge to HHFT’s future Shoreline Trail, which will run south to Little Stony Point and enhance DEP access to their facility
  • an information kiosk, restrooms, and a bike tune-up station
  • a child-friendly boulder scramble area
  • removal of invasive vegetation
  • roomy trail banks and overlooks where visitors can pause and take in the dramatic Hudson Highlands views

Above all, the Breakneck Connector and Bridge will create a cohesive space that balances visitor needs with habitat conservation."