Catskills Lean-to Crew Worktrip: Trout Pond Worktrip

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Looking for a fun and interesting weekend project? Join the Catskills Lean-to Crew at the Trout Pond Lean-to.

Trout Pond Lean-to Work Trip  -  July 13-July 23rd

Lean-To Crew Worktrip - Trout Pond in the Western Catskills. July 14th - July 23rd.

Over the course of two weekends and most of the intervening week, we will improve the 2 lean-tos at Trout Pond, a half mile long lake.

Come for the day, or make this a fun overnight trip! Get in touch to let us know if you're able to join.

What we will be doing:

- Trout Pond Lean-to #1 is part of the DEC’s Disability Access program. Vehicle access is permissible for those individuals. Permission has been granted for the Lean to Crews work truck (Eric’s truck) to drive the 1 ½ mile dirt road, into the site.

- Trout Pond Lean-to #2 is a regular lean to a 1/4 mile further around the lake.

Over a weekend in mid-June, the Lean-to Crew pre-fabricated and the Trail Conference purchased the materials for ADA compliant privy and 3 standard privies. Two of these, as well as other tools, supplies, gear, cooler and a canoe space permitting, will be transported in by truck.

Our tasks we hope to accomplish are many and similar for both shelters:

  • Reassemble and finish off the privy in the same or a different location.
  • Remove existing wood roof shingles, make limited roof repairs and install new asphalt shingles.
  • Structural repair to lower logs and floor.
  • Misc. repairs and staining the 2 lean tos and privies.
  • General site improvements and clean up.

Coordination has been underway with NYSDEC Forester, Ranger and Operations Staff for their assistance purchasing and delivery to the site, the roofing and structural materials.


July 13th - July 23rd

You can either come for the day or stay at the shelter to make a fun volunteer trip out of the experience! Eric will be out at the site the entire time. When you register, please let Eric know what your plan is and which day(s) you plan on attending.

June 13th will be a Prep/Load-up Day at Eric's shop! He will need help here too to ensure that the days out in the field go smoothly.


Where to meet:

Volunteers will be hiking in on their own from the Trout Pond Trailhead Parking, unless they coordinate with others arriving at the same time. Availability of cell service at the trailhead and pond are doubtful.

What to bring:

Lunch and snacks, sturdy shoes, water, safety glasses, gloves, bug dope, and a headlight for the hike out. If you’ll be spending the night, bring your necessary overnight gear and food. Tools will be supplied. For those staying over, we do a combination of shared and individual food.

Who to contact:

Feel free to text, call or email Eric with any questions. (845) 594-3817 or [email protected]

Additional Info:

The Hike In / Water / Shelter: The hike in, is a relatively easy 1.5 miles. Water is available from the pond and the stream that feeds the pond. I am likely to filter the water for drinking. The lean-tos will be partially uninhabitable at times. Cell service at the trailhead and pond are doubtful.

Minors under 18: Will need to fill out a Guardian Consent Form, with a parent or guardian present during the worktrip.

Cell Service: There is no cell service at the trailhead or at the worksite.

Thank you again for your desire to help out. We're looking forward to seeing you at the shelter!


July 15th, 2023 from  9:00 AM to  5:00 PM
Russell Brook Road
Roscoe, NY
United States
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Additional worktrip information
Crew/Group Catskills Lean-to Crew
Leader Eric Friedman
Project Trout Pond Lean-to
For more information, contact... [email protected]
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