More Than a Day Trip

For the Catskills. Contact Adirondack Trailways/Pine Hill Trailways,, 800.858.8555. Many trailheads require a long roadwalk, but backpacking opportunities abound. See the Trail Conference's Catskill Trails maps and the Guide to Catskill Trails. Central Catskills, Balsam, Eagle, Big Indian Range, Belleayre Mountain, etc.; Northeast Catskills, Blackhead Range, Hunter Mountain, Devil's Path.

For the Western Catskills (Delaware County), Trout Pond, Little Pond - use Short Line at 212.736.4700.

For the Kittatinnies. See Kittatinny Trails map set & Appalachian Trail Guide NY/NJ. Some backpacking opportunities. Bus services: Delaware Water Gap, call Martz Trailways 800.233.8604. Blairstown, call Real Transit 973.627.6488.

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What are you talking about????  The Catskills are not more than a day.  If you live in ulster county they are close by.  Does any group meet in Kingston???   At the Park and Ride???   or at Trailways?
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As you point out, the Catskills are suitable for a day trip (especially if you live in Ulster County), but they're also suitable for longer trips, since you can legally backpack there.  That is why the Catskills are included on this page.  Most areas in which the Trail Conference maintains trails do not allow overnight camping.  The Catskills are listed here because they are a great location to go backpacking.
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As of last year trailways bus would go from the Port Authority in NYC to Main St, Phoenicia, a few times a day. And as every one knows, about a1/4 mile or so out side of town is the new Trail Conference Long Path (NYNJTC Map #41, #42, & #43) trail up over Cross Mt and into the Slide Mt Wilderness, then Bam your in the heart of the wild. I have done this trip many times, long before the trail was updated, a bit of bushwacking was needed, not anymore.  Its about a 3hr trip from the city to the town, but Phoenicia is a great camping town, and the Slide Mt Wilderness is stunning, and you can use this point to access a larg part of the Catskill park.  Get out and go, You wont be sorry.