Public Transportation Suggestions

Metro-North's Appalachian Trail station in Pawling, NY

Do you know something about bus and train access to trails and parks that we don't?

Please share!

If on our website you come across descriptions of hikes and parks that can be accessed via public transportation, but we don't show that info, please share what you know using the comments feature below each hike and park page or at the bottom of this page! When verified, it will be added to our write-up.

Our criteria:

We do consider a hike or park to be accessible via public transportation if:

  • travel is by bus or train, and
  • the stop or station is within a two-mile walk of the trailhead.

We don't describe a hike as accessible via public transportation if:

  • the walk is longer than two miles from station to trailhead, or
  • a taxi is required

Information that does not meet the above criteria will not be added to the description and may be deleted.