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Where should you hike today? Where is a good swimming hole? Are the Mountain Laurel out in Harriman yet?

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I ran that route one day last June.  Keep in mind the biggest hills are in the 2nd half of your route, notably Bear Mt and West Mt.  Your pack should be lighter by then, so maybe thats a good thing!  Also, you only need to carry enough water at the start to get you to Tiorati parking area(a short detour off the AT) where you can refill for the rest of the journey without having to filter/purify.
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Would you by chance know if the spring near Will B. shelter is any good as well?
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I have never found that spring.  However, there is a stream a short way south on the Menomine trail that l'm sure is running.
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It might help to know which "interstate" and which bridge you are referring to.  The A.T. in New Jersey and New York crosses several Interstate highways and many bridges!
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Sorry, being a local to north west jersey I refer to new york route 87 running west of harriman the interstate. Not the palisades parkway/interstate. So basically, the whole AT of Harriman west to east..
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I haben't done the hike as you describe, but i've covered some of the trail in day hikes. The only thing i would say is that since you are starting/ending at different points, i assume you are using public transportation? If this is the case, then i would recommend starting at the Harriman train station, and taking the Sapphire Trail to the AT. The Sapphire is one of my favorite trails in the park. You will have to descend Agony Grind on the AT, but as long as conditions are dry, it shouldn't be a problem. Have fun, and please give us a report on trail conditions after you've done the hike.
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I will follow up, and yes public transportation so Ill take your advice
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I'm trying to find a Hiking area I used to frequent back in the early 1990's (?1991?) but I can no longer remember where it is.  I was hoping that if I described what I could remember about it someone might recognize where this area is and let me know. I believe it is in Northern NJ or Southeastern NY.  I don't remember it taking more than about an hour to drive to from the Hackensack area where I was living at the time.  I seem to remember it might have been an old camp of some kind (?boy/girl scout?) because the place you parked had some old lean-to type structures (kind of like the wooden structures at Weis).  You would then walk around an old abandoned pool-like area which was kind of marshy/boggy.  This place must have been somewhat elevated because a stream ran down from this pool-like area.  You would hike down a somewhat rocky unmarked trail next to the stream and you would eventually come to a waterfall. I don't remember at the time that there were any marked trails in the area.  It was a pretty popular location as I remember going there on the weekends and there being a good number of cars/people there. Anyone recognize the spot I'm trying to recall here?
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it almost sounds like the lake kanawauke area, there are some woods roads and unmarked trails going up from the north side of 106--maybe camp quid nunc?? your description could include many places...
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I've been hiking and backpacking for twenty years, but not so much yet here in the NE. I'm thinking about a nice 12-mile loop at Harriman - the South Harriman Loop - for an overnighter. She's a runner, so I'm not concerned about her stamina. Anyone know the trail conditions, or any technical spots?
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Not sure what you mean by the "South Harriman Loop", but i wil say that in all the times i've hiked at harriman, the only time i thought it might have been better to have a rope was when i hiked the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail southbound, and had to descend the south side of Pingyp Mountain. Although i made it down with no problems, that was in the middle of summer, and things were very dry, but at this time of year, it is likely to be wet, maybe covered with leaves, so if this is part of your planned route, use caution. Other than that, there are lots of spots that require some scrambling on hands and feet, but nothing i've encountered that i would consider "technical", unlless you decide to go off trail.   Can't help you with current conditions, as i haven't been to the park since early summer. Have fun!
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Hi all. I was hoping I could get some reccomendations on my first loop hike. I'm a total newbie. I've never hiked before. I am still in the process of buying my must have gear. I should have everything I need within a week or so. I'm also still reading through the Complete Idiot's Guide to Hiking. I should be through it by the end of the week. I hope to go on my first day hike in a week or so. I live in Ridgefield, NJ but don't mind driving an hour or so. Can anyone reccomend a beginner loop hike? I'd also need some type of resource for maps. I'm a little confused about how to get maps for the trails I plan to hike. I may be in information overload. It seems like there are millions of hiking related websites, but not many with actual maps. I appreciate any help. Thanks.=)
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Ridgefield is near the palisades, check out the Hudson Palisades map set. You dont need a lot of equipment, just hike!
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The answers to both of your questions are right at the top of theis page. Click the "Trail Store" link to buy maps for the areas you wil be hiking. Click the "Go Hiking" link to find a hike that suits your criteria. Maybe try the North Jersey map set, and look for a hike in the Ramapo Reservation. Have fun!
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Ladies/Gents, I would appreciate recommendations for 2 full days of camping (which campground would you recommend?). I'm looking for hiking loops of Catskills peaks. Which once are the most picturesque (difficulty is of no importance since I'm going to be hiking with my kids and we usually do 14-ers in Colorado). How long are the loops and where is the TH (yes I have maps).  I'm trying to do this trip during Columbus weekend. Thanks for your time and advise. Andrew
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Hey, I know there's no water at the Tom Jones shelter. Does anyone know if there is a stream near the fireplace where the Rampo-Dunberg and Victory trail cross ? I seem to remember one there. Anybody been by that way lately and have a better memory than me ?   Thanks ! j
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hey guy`s and gal`s  my friend and i want to hike the long trail but 1st would like to find a hike  of  4or5 days to warm up  we`re on long island but we would  be willing  to bus  some where  - we are both vietnam vets and haven`t done any hiking  for 40+ yrs.  - i myself was with the AMERICAL division  and we would go out in the  jungle for a month at a time  and my ruck usually  weighed  at least 50 lbs  not counting  the ammo and weapon  - but it`s been yrs. but am sooooo itchin to get in the woods - thanks
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I was standing on the dock at Sebago Lake boat launch today and wondered: how many lakes/ponds in Harriman are connected through waterways that can be paddled through with a kayak -- assuming you are allowed to bring a kayak in said lake/pond?  Anybody out there do this -- make a hybrid paddle/hike out of the lakes and trails in Harriman?  Also, if you mace a bear right in his face, will he leave you alone?  Thanks.
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Lake Kanawauke (both sides of Rt 6) and Little Long Pond are the only ones connected and you can paddle between them through  culverts that pass under Rt 106.  A portage(a few hundred feet and up a short steep hill) from the north end of Kanawauke could get you to Lake Skannatati and then portage across 7 lakes drive to Lake Askoti.  All of these lakes allow boats so long as you have the appropriate permit sticker and approved floatation vest.  Not sure if there are regulations about putting your Kayak in from shore where there is no boat launch.
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Sorry to say, but i don't think any are connected. You could however, bcome superwoman, and carry the kayak over your head from lake to lake. The only thing certain about bears is that they are UNPREDICTABLE. Best to try and avoid any close contact.