Cedar Brook Trail Improvements in Taconic State Park

October 01, 2021
Melissa Cascini
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Cedar Brook Trail Improvements in Taconic State Park


The Cedar Brook Trail in Taconic State Park is shady, woodsy, and follows the Cedar Brook which makes for the perfect hike for a summer day. Because of the trail's prime location, there were parts of the trail that had become incredibly eroded to the point of being dangerous for trail users. The Bash Bish Trail Crew, led by Crew Leader Andrew Seirup, recently completed several projects over the course of three years to tackle these issues and improve the experience for users.

Andrew, in coordination with park staff, led the crew to construct stone steps in steep areas, dug in switchbacks, and made reroutes of the trail where necessary. Taconic State Park Manager, Christopher Rickard noted, “Hikers of all abilities can now access Sunset Rock without climbing hand-over-foot as they used to. The stream crossings and erosion control steps that [the] crew have installed are awesome. This is one of the most beautiful trails in the park and now it’s suitable for most of the public.”

Thank you to the hard work of volunteers Crew Leader Andrew Seirup, Trail Supervisor Claudia Farb, and the members of the Bish Bash Trail Crew for making the Cedar Brook Trail safer and more accessible for trail users!