July Is Appalachian Trail Magic Month

July 01, 2018
Heather Darley
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


July Is Appalachian Trail Magic Month
Appalachian Trail at Bear Mountain. Photo by Heather Darley.


The Trail Conference welcomes the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Class of 2018 to our 174-mile section of the A.T.! Our volunteers care for the Trail through New Jersey and New York, ensuring the iconic, white-blazed path is well-maintained for all who follow it. This summer, we encourage adventure-seekers to explore one, a few, or all of the A.T. hike options described on our website at bit.ly/tc-athikes.

As stewards of the Appalachian Trail’s birthplace— Trail Conference volunteers built the first section of the Trail through Harriman-Bear Mountain state parks in 1923—it is our everyday responsibility to protect its route through our region. Our A.T. volunteers will be out in full force from the Delaware Water Gap to the Connecticut border maintaining the Trail and engaging visitors as the thru-hiker “bubble” makes its way through our region. July 20-22, everyone with a passion for the Appalachian Trail is invited to visit our Conservation Corps crew working on the reroute of the A.T. on Bear Mountain. This is the biggest, most ambitious rehabilitation project to take place on the Appalachian Trail, and we need your help finishing the job! Stop by for a few hours— or the whole weekend!—to learn about trail building and help us turn the oldest, most-used section of the A.T. into a modern, sustainable trail.

In exchange for your hard work, everyone who volunteers on the Bear Mountain project July 20-22 is welcome at the Welch Trail Education Center in Harriman State Park, not far from the Trail itself, for a campout. Thru-hikers are encouraged to take a zero day and get a good night’s rest in our bunk house or pitch your tent lakeside. Grab a hot shower, and join us for a free barbeque each night! Throughout the weekend, shuttles will run from the A.T. Bear Mountain summit at Perkins Memorial Tower to Welch Trail Education Center. Sign up today, or email [email protected] for more info.

Also in July, the RPH Cabin Volunteers will be holding their annual work weekend and barbecue July 13-15 in East Fishkill, N.Y.,—another trail work party with the added bonus of camping out and camaraderie. And expect to spot an impromptu tailgate or two at A.T. trailheads throughout the month as our Trail Family offers some trail magic!

Find Your A.T. Adventure

Find details about the Appalachian Trail’s route through N.Y. and N.J., including great hike options and hike descriptions, at bit.ly/ tc-athikes.