Restoring Access on Fahnestock's Perkins Trail

November 03, 2021
Melissa Cascini
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Restoring Access on Fahnestock's Perkins Trail
Fahnestock SP - Volunteers & Park Stewards - River Crossing Project


Following the recent heavy rainstorms, the bridge near Glynwood Road on the Perkins Trail in Fahnestock State Park was washed out. The stream was nearly impossible to cross during high water. To fix the crossing and regain access to trails in this area of the park, volunteer Trail Supervisor John Magerlein led a group of volunteers and members of park staff to place very large stepping stones in the stream and restore trail access.

A major goal of the trip, in addition to completing the project, was to teach the crew members high line and rigging techniques, which were necessary to place these large stones. Thank you to John Magerlein and volunteer crew members Bob Flavin, Phil Heidelberger, Michael Pashley, Fred Stern, and Ken Zadeck, and park staff members Lauren and Valerie.