Subaru Shows Commitment to Great Trails

July 11, 2021
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Subaru Shows Commitment to Great Trails
Through the Share the Love event, Liberty Subaru donated more than $47,000 to the Trail Conference mission.


Subaru is committed to giving back to local charities and doing their part to protect the environment. That philanthropic spirit is helping to fuel the training and support of Trail Conference volunteers this season.

Liberty Family of Dealerships Shares the Love

During Subaru of America’s annual Share the Love event, Liberty Subaru in Emerson, N.J., once again named the Trail Conference as a Hometown Charity. From mid-November through the beginning of January, for every new vehicle purchased or leased at Liberty Subaru, $250 was donated to the charity designated by each buyer/lessee.

Additionally, the owners of the Liberty Family of Dealerships decided to “share the love” at Liberty Hyundai and Genesis in Mahwah, and Liberty Kia in Ramsey. When Trail Conference members bought or leased a new car from the Liberty Family of Dealerships and selected us as their charity of choice, Liberty donated $250 to our efforts.

Thanks to the generosity of the Liberty Family of Dealerships and our Trail Family, more than $47,000 was donated to the Trail Conference. Our thanks to Liberty and everyone who chooses to support the Trail Conference mission!

Subaru Distributors Corp. Sponsors Trail University Workshops

Subaru Distributors Corp. has been named the official sponsor of our 2021 Trail University program. Bringing stewardship learning opportunities to a trailhead near you, our Trail University workshops include topics like introduction to trail maintenance, intro to trail construction, invasive plant identification, and much more. Subaru’s funding of Trail University allows us to recruit and train more volunteers, resulting in a larger and better-trained workforce on the ground.

Thanks to Subaru Distributors Corp. for their generous sponsorship, which allows us to equip the next generation of outdoor lovers with the knowledge they need to protect natural areas and make great trail experiences possible.