West Kill Wilderness Area

West Kill Wilderness Area

Cascade near Diamond Notch Falls - Photo by Daniel Chazin Cascade near Diamond Notch Falls - Photo by Daniel Chazin
42.195423, -74.421786

For a compilation of New York State lands in the Catskill Forest Preserve consisting of wild forests and wilderness areas click here.  For a description of Catskill Park and its trails click here.  

"The West Kill Mountain Wilderness Area is a high elevation east-west ridge that lies between the West Kill Creek to the north and the Esopus Creek to the south. West Kill Mountain Wilderness is a remote mountainous location of more than 19,250 acres. The terrain is very steep in places with elevations ranging from 1,000 feet to 3,880 feet. There are five named mountain peaks - West Kill (3,...

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19250.00 acres


Town of Lexington

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West Kill Wilderness Area


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