Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks Region


Two parks operated jointly with 52,000 acres of rugged landscape and 235 miles of trails in the New York metropolitan area.


192.3 miles of trails maintained by 94 Trail Conference volunteers and member groups.

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The Hudson Highlands and their extension southwesterly into the Ramapo Mountainsalong the New York-New Jersey border constitute a major topographic feature ofthis region.  These mountains, once more than 10,000 feet high, are now eroded to a still-rugged maximum height of about1400. 

Among the striking evidences ofglaciation in Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks are the abundant bedrocksurfaces that were scratched, polished, or grooved by rock debris carried byIce Age glaciers.  Erratic boulders -some of immense size - were carried south from the Catskills and elsewhere.Left behind when the glaciers melted, they are widely distributed throughoutthe park.

The 52,000 acres making up Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parksin the Hudson Highlands contain more than 235 miles of hiking trails, includingan 18-mile segment of the Appalachian Trail.  The parks are administered jointly by thePalisades Interstate Park Commission.

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For a history of the park and a complete guide to marked and unmarked trails, see Harriman Trails-A Guide and History, by William Myles [New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, 2d ed. 1999].

Parks in the Region


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