New Loop Hike in Schunemunk State Park

October 1, 2021

Due to recent rail corridor crossing closures in Schunemunk State Park, local volunteers in coordination with park staff have made the following changes: 

  • The Sweet Clover Trail (White) and the Jessup Trail (Yellow), which formerly crossed the rail corridor, now have their western terminus at their intersection with the Otterkill Trail (Red).
  • There is a new loop hike out of the Taylor Road Parking area. The Blue Loop follows the path of the previously named Sweet Clover Trail and Jessup Trail connected by a newly blazed trail that parallels the rail corridor.

The map here outlines the changes made to the trail system. Click here to view a full size map.

Please do not attempt to cross the active railroad tracks anywhere in this area. Trespassing at the Moodna Viaduct trestle is strictly prohibited. Anyone crossing the railroad tracks will be ticketed by MTA police, who are actively monitoring the area.