Seasonal Road Closures for Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

December 1, 2021

The following seasonal road closures in Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks went into effect on December 1. These roads are expected to reopen on April 1, conditions permitting.

  • Palisades Interstate Parkway, Exit 16 - Lake Welch Drive and Tiorati Brook Rd

  • Rt 106 from Rt 17 to Kanawauke Traffic Circle.

    • Please note: You can still access the Kanawauke Picnic Area from the traffic circle.

  • Perkins Memorial Drive at Bear Mountain State Park.

  • Access to the park is still available from Seven Lakes Drive in Sloatsburg, as well as Exits 15 and 18 off the Palisades Parkway.

  • Call Harriman State Park to confirm open status of Arden Valley Rd and access to the Elk Pen Hikers Lot from the Tiorati Traffic Circle. There is no thru traffic to/from Rt 17.

For a full list of closures affecting trails in our region, visit our Trail Alerts page.