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Where should you hike today? Where is a good swimming hole? Are the Mountain Laurel out in Harriman yet?

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Not exactly a hike recommendation I'm looking for -- rather, I'm looking for an elevated overlook near Woodstock that I can drive to. I'm headed up to the Catskills from the city and want to find a spot where I can get a good look at Comet Neowise. Any ideas?
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Hi Everyone. I wish the was a search function on the forum to see if this has been asked. Has anyone Hiked from Ramapo Reservation to Skylands Manor and have route to share? Reverse is good too. How was it etc? Thanks a bunch. Tom
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Planning on doing an overnight in the catskills with my two boys ages 7 and ten. My ten year old has already been on two trips with me but for the 7 year old it will be his first overnight. I am thinking of going with two cars and staring by ashley falls in North South campground area and finishing by the colgate lake parking area for a total of 10.3 miles. I am looking for relatively easy hiking which is why i chose this route. My main concern is with finding a good place to pitch a tent - any recommendations or input from anyone whose been on these trails? Also want to know if i can rely on there being water near dutcher notch for a refuel. Thanks so much in advance
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Hey! A friend of mine told me about hiking out by Legacy Ridge but I'm not finding any info. Does anyone know if there are any marked trails or which maps might have some more info, or if there are any hikes written up? Maybe there's an alternative name I should be searching under? Any/all info would be appreciated.
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The Legacy Ridge area was protected by the Open Space Institute (OSI) in 2013, covering more than 700 acres on the eastern side of the Thruway opposite Schunemunk Mountain:  http://www.osiny.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8471  You might contact OSI directly for further information about this area, including whether there are any trails or parking access points.

~Jeremy, Trail Conference cartographer

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Looking for a suggested trail in Northern NJ or the Catskills.  My kids range in age from 12 to 16.  
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Hello!  I apologize for using this forum for the first time asking for help for a professional purpose, but I am also an avid hiker so I'm pretty sure I'll be using the forum more for leisure and chat as well. I'm shooting a couple scenes for a music video and looking for a scenic overlook that would be looking down upon a busy city or town from a wilderness area.  Idea is that most of the video the main character looks to be walking in a post apocalyptic setting with abandoned stuff  in the woods/forest I've shot already.  At the end I'd like to have him come out to a scenic overlook that shows modern life is still happening (rather than post apocalyptic) but he has chosen to live off grid due to his disgust with modern day society.  So this is a big finale shot... the reveal.  I'm hoping that some of you might have a favorite hike or spot that you've seen in the past where you can hike and be in the forest but when you clear the trees (or get an opening for a view) you see a nice busy little area... city or busy bridge or small town but lots of movement.  I just need that 3 or 4 seconds to sell the idea.  I'm an experienced hiker so challenging hikes are not a problem for the right location. I'm in the central NJ shore area by Sandy Hook beach and willing to drive up to an hour and a half away for the right setting if necessary.  I've already got Bear Mountain Lookout as an option as well as a smaller level option in my local area from Hartshorne Park that can overlook a beach area but that's a last resort because it isn't ideal for the look.  Bear Mountain Lookout is the right idea but the drive is pretty far so hoping you folks might have some other ideas for me to consider.  I'll also be shooting near Allamuchy state park so anything near there (or in between my area and that area) would be great so I could shoot everything in one day. Thanks in advance. Tom
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Another idea - If you hike about a half-mile up the Washburn trail on Mt. Taurus (Hudson Highlands SP), you come to a nice viewpoint overlooking the town of Cold Spring.
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Hey everyone! I would really love to hike to a spot that has a view of the sunrise so anything facing east.  Also, if anyone knows a spot for a sunset hike too, could use some suggestions. 
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For a sunrise hike, I would suggest the viewpoint on the Ernest Walter Trail between the State Line Trail and Suprise Lake. With a great long distance view to the east, you should see the skyscrappers of NYC get that nice orange glow. 
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You can hike to the Bald Rocks Shelter, and sit on the rock slabs to watch the sunset. For a sunrise hike, you will have to wait for others to recommend one, as i'm usually still sleeping during sunrise :)
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Hi All, Was wondering if any of yall could give me recomendations for a hike trail that allows for camping off trail with a place to swim.  You know like the perfect weekend haha. Looking for location south of Albany, Catskills, Shawagunks, that type area.  Thanks all, teamHuman
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camping in harriman park is illegal except at shelters..also  there are many lakes in harriman park. unfortunately they are illegal to swim in unless you go to lake tiorati or lake welch with kids, radios lifeguards and ropes. you may defy these rules at your own risk--many do so....minnewaska has a nice lake, legal and the MDSA minnewaska distance swimmers assoc. has a spot lower down the lake with a 200 yard swimming length but you have to pass a test and register with them. further info please PM me  at [email protected]
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I'm going to be in New York in mid May and im looking for a 4-5 (or longer) day backpacking trails. I'm from California so I really only know the Sierras. Also if you guys know of any way public transportation could get me close or too the trailhead, and if you know where I could find trail maps of said hike! Thank you!!!  
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There is a Metro North train that leaves on weekend mornings and will drop you off right on the Appalachian Trail by Pawling, NY. You can then hike south/west for as many days as you like, and catch a train at Garrison or bus at Bear Mountain back to NYC. There are lots of other options for return trips in Harriman State Park, you wil need to leave the AT and take a trail back to the bus/train station. Or you could take a bus from Port Authority to the NY/NJ state line, and take the blue blazed State Line Trail to the AT, the proceed north/east as far as you want. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy sells a map set of the NY/NJ section of the AT that comes with a well-written guide book.
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I would just add that rail service to Harlem Valley-Wingdale, which is just north of the Appalachian Trail station and only about two miles away from the A.T., is available seven days a week, with service being provided about every two hours.  So if you want to begin your hike on a weekday, it is still possible to take the train to the trail.
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Could you be specific so I can forward to someone who can respond?  Do you mean the  Catskills, Adirondacks, Bear Mountain Area?       thanks
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Thank you so much for the response! Any of those areas sound great! I was looking at the dix range, adirondacks; or the great range. If you know anything about either of those i.e how to get to them or where I could find more info on them that would be much appreciated!
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also for the Adirondack high peaks check out this forum http://www.adkhighpeaks.com/forums/
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For information on hiking trails in the Adirondacks, you should contact the Adirondack Mountain Club, www.adk.org